Injury and a Recovery

It has been some time since an update arrived and I am sorry for that! I had all the best intentions of working hard to make this site something special and interesting but for it just hasn’t really worked out. A few months ago I managed to break my leg – I guess that is the price you pay if you want to chance your luck with extreme sports. I was really unlucky though, as I managed to break it right on the nerve – the most painful thing I have ever had to endure. It does suck and I can’t tell you how being coped up at home for weekend on end dampens the spirit – sometimes i think its the verge of a depression!

The good news is that I have finally regained my strength and I plan to get out there again soon. I bought a mini HD camera so I can now film my adventures and share them with all of you. I will probably only start off slow and then as time goes on I will attempt the more extreme Рwatch this space!