Injury and a Recovery

It has been some time since an update arrived and I am sorry for that! I had all the best intentions of working hard to make this site something special and interesting but for it just hasn’t really worked out. A few months ago I managed to break my leg – I guess that is the price you pay if you want to chance your luck with extreme sports. I was really unlucky though, as I managed to break it right on the nerve – the most painful thing I have ever had to endure. It does suck and I can’t tell you how being coped up at home for weekend on end dampens the spirit – sometimes i think its the verge of a depression!

The good news is that I have finally regained my strength and I plan to get out there again soon. I bought a mini HD camera so I can now film my adventures and share them with all of you. I will probably only start off slow and then as time goes on I will attempt the more extreme Рwatch this space!

Golf in the Extreme – Sounds a bit Strange…..

When you think of golf and the word extreme coming together in the same sentence you might be wondering how that will all fit together. Generally, golf is considered an old mans game and there is nothing extreme involved. Golf today is getting a little bit more adventurous then in times gone past and you might be surprised to see the skill and tricks some players are capable of as well as the extreme golf courses that are being built around the world. Sites like can show off some of the equipment that you will need in order to lift your game through serious practice.

In the world of golf course design many of the worlds leading designers are working hard to come up with new ideas and creations to excite players and get them to make the trip for 18 holes. The legends golf course in South Africa is a great example of this – the video below shows one of the most amazing holes in golf the world has ever seen.

One of the reasons I love the game of golf is because I recognize the amount of skill required to play a solid game as well as managing to maintain it. Golf is not like riding a bike in that it takes constant dedication and effort to ensure a consistent swing and handicap. If you find yourself stepping out of the game for a little while, even a few months, you will find yourself struggling to maintain the rhythm and tempo. For those who live in the North and have to deal with extreme winters there is always the option of using a home golf simulator like this to keep your swing trim and even get the chance to improve over the colder months.

Many players enjoying working on tricks these days, mainly to impress other players and some of the worlds best golfers have extreme skills that will blow you away! If you are reading this and you have any small clips of you performing interesting golfing tricks or skills then please send them through as our readers would love to watch and comment on them.

Also, if you get the chance to play on any seriously challenging golfing holes then let us know – it would be great to start a top 20 from the around the world, although, I think the Legends example above will be quite tough to beat!


Serious Blogging for the Sport Enthusiast

If you have landed over the here then I can only guess that you are serious in your quest to stay fit and healthy and enjoy sporting events just as much as I do. This space is planned for those who excel at sport and are looking for somewhere to post videos and join discussions with other extreme sportsmen (and women!). It is never easy to satisfy everyone which is why a normal sporting blog (which most likely covers almost the same content as everyone else) is really boring for the most part. With so many new and exciting sports developing, often with technology propelling it along, it is easy to see why it is important to break these up into peoples differing interests.


My contribution will be focused on extreme biking and various golfing stunts – I love the fun part of golf and of course the competitive nature in that people of varying abilities are able compete with each other on a level playing field. There are no other sports that I can think of which work like this – you can play Tiger but you cant play Agassi!

Thought I would post a couple of videos here – not the best in quality but you can see how skilled and talented some of these top riders have become. It can take many years and a whole lot of practice to compete at this level!

If you have anything really awesome and extreme you feel would look good on this website then please upload them to youtube and send me the link by using the contact page! Hopefully, the site will be up and running very soon complete with forum and picture gallery where you can show of your extreme images with other members of the community.

If you are interested in getting involved both at the site level or ensuring the technical side is running perfectly then please get in touch.