Serious Blogging for the Sport Enthusiast

If you have landed over the here then I can only guess that you are serious in your quest to stay fit and healthy and enjoy sporting events just as much as I do. This space is planned for those who excel at sport and are looking for somewhere to post videos and join discussions with other extreme sportsmen (and women!). It is never easy to satisfy everyone which is why a normal sporting blog (which most likely covers almost the same content as everyone else) is really boring for the most part. With so many new and exciting sports developing, often with technology propelling it along, it is easy to see why it is important to break these up into peoples differing interests.


My contribution will be focused on extreme biking and various golfing stunts – I love the fun part of golf and of course the competitive nature in that people of varying abilities are able compete with each other on a level playing field. There are no other sports that I can think of which work like this – you can play Tiger but you cant play Agassi!

Thought I would post a couple of videos here – not the best in quality but you can see how skilled and talented some of these top riders have become. It can take many years and a whole lot of practice to compete at this level!

If you have anything really awesome and extreme you feel would look good on this website then please upload them to youtube and send me the link by using the contact page! Hopefully, the site will be up and running very soon complete with forum and picture gallery where you can show of your extreme images with other members of the community.

If you are interested in getting involved both at the site level or ensuring the technical side is running perfectly then please get in touch.